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How Do I Choose a Sport for my Child with Special Needs?

Things to consider before registering for an activity Are you the parent of a child with special needs? Since it seems like the majority of kids are enrolled in at least one sport these days, you may be wondering what type of activity would best fit your child’s unique set of abilities.  There are so […]


Tools to Help Your Child Transition to Baby Foods

Tools to Help Your Child Transition to Baby Foods Transitioning from the bottle to stage 1 baby foods can be tough, especially if your child has oral sensory aversions, is having difficulty with weight gain, or has a history of an NG or G-tube or currently has one. And for parents that are ready to […]


How To Make a Sensory Box

Sensory boxes are a great tool for infants and children with special needs, especially children with limited motor skills. The idea of a sensory box is to provide an environment that is sensory rich and provides opportunities for learning. Children can lean by feeling objects on their face and body and by reaching for and […]


Tips for Engaging Your Child in Play

Tips for Engaging Your Child in Play Do you have a difficult time engaging your young child in play? So much of the time as adults we can find ourselves tying to get a child to engage in play they way we think it should be done. For example, a child bangs a spoon on […]


Low Muscle Tone and Interventions Explained

Low Muscle Tone and Interventions Explained Low muscle tone, or hypotonia, refers to decreased tension in a muscle when it is at rest. You’re child might feel floppy or it may feel like you’re picking up a child who is sleeping even though they are awake. Children with low muscle tone may also tire more […]


Reflexes Infants Have And Why They Are Important

When you think of the word reflex you might be thinking of that time you went to a doctor and they used a small rubber hammer to tap on your knee. This is one reflex, but there are also many others! Here we’ll talk about a couple reflexes your infant may have and why they’re […]

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