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Is Homeschooling the Right Choice For You and Your Child?

Introduce the topic of homeschooling to any group of parents and you’re likely to get a mix of responses. There will be some who are thoroughly in favor of homeschooling, some who are ardently against, and some who are just plain terrified of the idea! But what about homeschooling children who have special needs? Is […]


How Do I Choose a Sport for my Child with Special Needs?

Things to consider before registering for an activity Are you the parent of a child with special needs? Since it seems like the majority of kids are enrolled in at least one sport these days, you may be wondering what type of activity would best fit your child’s unique set of abilities.  There are so […]


Tips for Engaging Your Child in Play

Tips for Engaging Your Child in Play Do you have a difficult time engaging your young child in play? So much of the time as adults we can find ourselves tying to get a child to engage in play they way we think it should be done. For example, a child bangs a spoon on […]


Low Muscle Tone and Interventions Explained

Low Muscle Tone and Interventions Explained Low muscle tone, or hypotonia, refers to decreased tension in a muscle when it is at rest. You’re child might feel floppy or it may feel like you’re picking up a child who is sleeping even though they are awake. Children with low muscle tone may also tire more […]


Tips for Parents and Caregivers If you have a child on the Autism Spectrum, ADHD, or similar special needs, you already know what a meltdown is like. Handling meltdowns is a major challenge for even the most seasoned parent. When I began to witness meltdowns in my third child, who was later diagnosed with autism, […]


Back-to-School Tips for Unique Students and their Parents

Love it or hate it, back-to-school time is here again. All parents feel a little nervous when their child begins a new school year, and most kids do too. There are many unknowns in store during the first days and weeks of a new school year. For children who have special needs and their parents, […]

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