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How To Make a Sensory Box

Sensory boxes are a great tool for infants and children with special needs, especially children with limited motor skills. The idea of a sensory box is to provide an environment that is sensory rich and provides opportunities for learning. Children can lean by feeling objects on their face and body and by reaching for and […]


Tips for Engaging Your Child in Play

Tips for Engaging Your Child in Play Do you have a difficult time engaging your young child in play? So much of the time as adults we can find ourselves tying to get a child to engage in play they way we think it should be done. For example, a child bangs a spoon on […]


Reflexes Infants Have And Why They Are Important

When you think of the word reflex you might be thinking of that time you went to a doctor and they used a small rubber hammer to tap on your knee. This is one reflex, but there are also many others! Here we’ll talk about a couple reflexes your infant may have and why they’re […]


Improving Grasping and Handwriting/Pre-Handwritng Skills at Home

Improving Grasping and Handwriting/Pre-Handwritng Skills at Home A pincer grasp is very important, it’s what we use to pick up small objects, tie our shoelaces, and feed ourselves finger food. A pincer grasp involves using the pad of your thumb and pad of your index finger to pick up objects. Children typically develop a pincer […]


Games to Play at Home to Increase Regulation for Sensory Seeking Toddlers

Do you have a sensory seeking toddler? Here are some games I play during therapy sessions as “sensory breaks” when needed or when transitioning between activities. I also instruct parents on how to play these games at home when their toddler needs a sensory break. 1.“1, 2, 3 crash!” This game is played with the […]


Transition Strategies: How to Help your Child Transition Between Tasks

Transitions can be tough for kids, especially kids with special needs. Here are a few tips and tricks to help make transitioning go more smoothly. Help your child know what’s coming: For younger kids I like to use “first, then” language. This helps them understand two-step directions. For example you might say to a child […]

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