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Low Muscle Tone and Interventions Explained

Low Muscle Tone and Interventions Explained Low muscle tone, or hypotonia, refers to decreased tension in a muscle when it is at rest. You’re child might feel floppy or it may feel like you’re picking up a child who is sleeping even though they are awake. Children with low muscle tone may also tire more […]


Tips for Parents and Caregivers If you have a child on the Autism Spectrum, ADHD, or similar special needs, you already know what a meltdown is like. Handling meltdowns is a major challenge for even the most seasoned parent. When I began to witness meltdowns in my third child, who was later diagnosed with autism, […]

Holidays can be a fun time spent with family, friends, and neighbors. When you have a child with special needs, it is possible to have a fun Halloween, but it often takes some extra planning and preparation. Children who have sensory processing issues, are on the Autism spectrum, or have other special needs can enjoy […]

Sensory Integration Tools for School Aged Children

If your sensory seeking child is having difficulty sitting still at school, you may want to try some of these tools. For children in kindergarten and above, their typical school day is structured with lots of time sitting still at their table or desk. This can be difficult for the sensory seeking child, as they […]

Tips for Navigating a Hospital Stay with your Child

Many of our kids with special needs have physical conditions that will require surgery or a hospital stay at some point. The prospect of a trip to the hospital is sure to unnerve most parents. Often our feelings are mixed; we are anxious about the surgery or hospital procedures, but anticipate with hope that it […]

10 Wishes for My Child with Special Needs

Parents who raise children with special needs have a lot of hopes and dreams for the future. I have four children and two of them have special needs. My dreams for my kids may be different from yours, and that’s ok. My hope is that this blog inspires you to dream big for your child […]

One of the many stressors parents of children with special-needs experience is taking their child into public places. Often, an outing is anything but easy just due to the nature of their child’s abilities, disabilities, temperament, and other factors. But the very worst part for many parents (myself included) is the unsupportive and sometimes judgmental […]

It’s summer time and many families enjoy getting away for a family vacation. If you have a child with special-needs, however, you know that sometimes getting away is much easier said than done. Disrupted sleep, different schedules, and unfamiliar places and foods can be a huge stressor for children with disabilities. With some careful planning, […]