“Karen is amazing. She goes above and beyond to help teach me new thing to try with my son all the time. She is always on time and arrives with a smile on her face. Over the last year I’ve dealt with many different therapists. Karen has by far been the easiest and best to work with. I’d highly recommend her to any families in need of occupational therapy.”

“I love Amanda and so does my child! We look forward to her coming for appointments and learn something new each time she comes.”

“I have enjoyed having Courtney, she’s great!!”

“We love Courtney! She does amazing with my daughter. When she’s having an off day Courtney finds a way to still engage her. I actually can’t say enough good things about her.”

“I LOVE the friendliness, warmth and concern of everyone.”

“I love that Sarah goes to Carli’s school, and that she is consistent. She is very gentle towards Carli, but also firm. Because we don’t see Sarah, she sends us emails with updates, or asks Carli’s teachers to give us quick, easy messages. Carli loves “playing” with Sarah!”

“Wonderful experience from the beginning!”

“Incredible staff”

“I am very pleased with Ms. Ferriera. She is excellent with our son and very patient. She has a calming presence and understands and meets his needs.”

“Kate, always takes the time to listen to my concerns and offer suggestions. She is never judgmental or dismissive. My daughter is truly excited every time we have an appointment with her.”

“Our OT is amazing! She shines bright for your company.”

“Lauren has been great! My girls are not the easiest and instead of getting frustrated she continues to seek new methods to address their needs. Thank you Lauren!”

“Your practice is outstanding because of therapists like Natasha. She is amazing! She is understanding and thoughtful when working with a girl with some substantial sensory challenges. We are making progress in ways I didn’t know were possible this year. We are so happy to be with your practice and especially Natasha!”

“Sarah is such a gifted OT. She cares deeply about our son’s success. She is knowledgeable about her field and beyond it. She is quick to implement techniques that address immediate concerns.”

“I love the appt reminders. Sarah is wonderful.”

“Sharon Lilly is such a passionate, talented and gifted OT. She takes a personal approach to therapy and is truly invested in my child. She is unmatched in her knowledge, care, energy and commitment. She is a blessing in our lives.”

“Ms. Sharon is first rate. It’s obvious that she understands toddlers and how to work with the different dx. She’s easy to talk with and has no problem mirroring what is being done at home, school and daycare. She follows up when she says she will and records her sessions while providing notes of all of my baby’s progress.”

“Sharon has been outstanding to work with. Her knowledge on sensory issues has changed our lives!!”

“Sheryl was amazing to work with and gave us a lot of helpful information. She explained everything when I had detailed questions and worked so well with my son. We really appreciate everything she did for us.”

“Sheryl was amazing!!! She went above and beyond and we miss her very much. She taught me several lessons and methods on how to work through my sons sensory, fine motor, and gross motor needs.”

“The staff and Trish are very friendly, keep me in the loop, and are very responsive to my questions and concerns.”

“We really enjoyed Anya. She was flexible with our schedule and always had great contact with me. My daughter really enjoyed having her as a therapist.”

“Sharon was very patient with our child.”

“Ms. Erinn was ALWAYS so understanding about my situation and even when I had to cancel a few sessions she made it easy to reschedule even if it was a weekend needed to make up for lost time. She gave edvice when needed and went above and beyond to make it easy for my family and I to get whatever was needed. The Wilson family is eternally grateful for her and All About Therapy staff.”

“I appreciated that Sharon came right to my child’s school for OT. She was enthusiastic and encouraging.”

“Sarah was phenomenal and both of my children reached their goals and we’ve recommended Sarah to friends and acquaintances.”

“Loved that you sent back up emails after you left messages. This helped me to not forget. Staff is great and OT was great for my child.”

“We were referred to our therapist in December 2009 for our 3 year old son who was exhibiting sensory behavioral issues. She provided us lengthy analysis of his abilities and deficiencies for an initial evaluation and throughout his treatment. Throughout our six month interaction, our therapist was exceedingly professional while working with us and our son’s school. She also was a great teacher and friend to our son. She laid out clear goals and worked weekly with him to help him achieve these milestones and handle himself better, in general. We are happy to say that after six months, he has achieved all of his goals and has been discharged from service, which we agreed upon at the start of the therapy was our ultimate goal.”

— Kelly, Durham, NC

“Our therapist was always professional and prompt for the occupational therapy sessions. She completed assessment testing on small and large motor skills issues with my son and she prepared and executed a treatment plan. My son’s letter formation and handwriting improved immensely over the course of the treatment sessions. She made the sessions enjoyable. He enjoyed the sessions with his therapist and worked hard to improve. She provided frequent feedback with examples to me. She also provided suggestions to help my son’s teacher and I work with him and help him improve. I have enjoyed working with our son’s therapist. My son and I will both miss our sessions together. I would recommend her occupational therapy wholeheartedly. Thanks and regards,”

— K., Raleigh, NC

“Our therapist has such a kind and gentle demeanor. When she worked with my son, it was obvious that she put a great deal of thought, research, and planning into the sessions she had with him. Her activities were tailored to his needs and very appropriate for his age and developmental level. She was also fantastic about giving me feedback and specific activities to use as I worked with him at home throughout the week. The strategies she developed have helped my son to make tremendous progress with his sensory needs. She has been a blessing to our family!”

— Kelli, Raleigh, NC

“I highly recommend our therapist. She saw my 2 year old daughter for four months. During this time I saw excellent progress made with my daughter’s sensory needs. Her 1 hour sessions were calm, relaxing, well thought out and informative. Her manner and personality is professional, friendly and knowledgeable. My daughter “took” to her very quickly. She made herself available for questions and information regarding our therapy sessions, in addition to giving “assignments” that I could work with my daughter during the week.

Additionally, her overall education and experience background is very well rounded in this area. I found this to be especially helpful as I had just started going through the process of evaluations and therapies for my daughter’s developmental needs. She listened to me as a parent and respected my wishes in my daughter’s care while at the same time providing me with helpful information for the future. She was also punctual for our appointments but flexible for appointments to meet my daughter’s health needs. I hope if there is continued need for OT for my daughter in the future, that she will be able to be seen you!”

— Laura, Durham, NC

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