“We were referred to our therapist in December 2009 for our 3 year old son who was exhibiting sensory behavioral issues. She provided us lengthy analysis of his abilities and deficiencies for an initial evaluation and throughout his treatment. Throughout our six month interaction, our therapist was exceedingly professional while working with us and our son’s school. She also was a great teacher and friend to our son. She laid out clear goals and worked weekly with him to help him achieve these milestones and handle himself better, in general. We are happy to say that after six months, he has achieved all of his goals and has been discharged from service, which we agreed upon at the start of the therapy was our ultimate goal.”

— Kelly, Durham, NC

“Our therapist was always professional and prompt for the occupational therapy sessions. She completed assessment testing on small and large motor skills issues with my son and she prepared and executed a treatment plan. My son’s letter formation and handwriting improved immensely over the course of the treatment sessions. She made the sessions enjoyable. He enjoyed the sessions with his therapist and worked hard to improve. She provided frequent feedback with examples to me. She also provided suggestions to help my son’s teacher and I work with him and help him improve. I have enjoyed working with our son’s therapist. My son and I will both miss our sessions together. I would recommend her occupational therapy wholeheartedly. Thanks and regards,”

— K., Raleigh, NC

“Our therapist has such a kind and gentle demeanor. When she worked with my son, it was obvious that she put a great deal of thought, research, and planning into the sessions she had with him. Her activities were tailored to his needs and very appropriate for his age and developmental level. She was also fantastic about giving me feedback and specific activities to use as I worked with him at home throughout the week. The strategies she developed have helped my son to make tremendous progress with his sensory needs. She has been a blessing to our family!”

— Kelli, Raleigh, NC

“I highly recommend our therapist. She saw my 2 year old daughter for four months. During this time I saw excellent progress made with my daughter’s sensory needs. Her 1 hour sessions were calm, relaxing, well thought out and informative. Her manner and personality is professional, friendly and knowledgeable. My daughter “took” to her very quickly. She made herself available for questions and information regarding our therapy sessions, in addition to giving “assignments” that I could work with my daughter during the week.

Additionally, her overall education and experience background is very well rounded in this area. I found this to be especially helpful as I had just started going through the process of evaluations and therapies for my daughter’s developmental needs. She listened to me as a parent and respected my wishes in my daughter’s care while at the same time providing me with helpful information for the future. She was also punctual for our appointments but flexible for appointments to meet my daughter’s health needs. I hope if there is continued need for OT for my daughter in the future, that she will be able to be seen you!”

— Laura, Durham, NC