Meghan, OT/L

Occupational Therapist

Meghan has worked as an occupational therapist for 3 years working with patients across the lifespan from infancy to retirement. Working with the pediatric population is her passion and she has experience with anxiety, Autism spectrum disorder, medical complexity, genetic disorders, and developmental delays with children from birth to teenage years. Meghan is well practiced in working within a collaborative environment with all professions, including speech therapists, physical therapists, educators, and most importantly, the family and caregivers.

As the daughter of a US Marine, Meghan grew up on both the West and East Coasts but calls Virginia her home state. During her time at the University of Virginia, Meghan worked as a personal care attendant for a young adult with Autism assisting him in enrichment activities and independent living skills. Meghan completed clinicals in outpatient pediatrics and her doctoral research utilizing the Zones of Regulation with at risk youth. Upon graduation, she worked in an outpatient clinic in Virginia Beach, VA working with adults with neurological and orthopedic injuries.

Upon moving to Raleigh with her husband, Meghan returned to the passion that first got her interested in occupational therapy, pediatrics. Meghan has worked with children with self regulation, sensory processing, feeding, attention, and developmental delays. She has extensive training in children’s mental health and emotional regulation, often using imaginative play and role playing along with the Zones of Regulation framework. She also has training in fine motor delays and feeding difficulties, using play based and responsive approaches. Including music, siblings, and the whole family is her favorite way to approach sessions and why she has developed a passion for treating in the home and natural environment.

Meghan enjoys exploring the exciting culinary scene of Raleigh, especially its wonderful bakeries. When she is not traveling or playing pickleball, you can find her reading or watching the Great British Bake Off at home.



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