Sarah G., OT/L

Occupational Therapist

Sarah has experience with developmental delays, sensory processing disorder, ADHD and more. In addition, she has worked with children who have spina bifida, neuromuscular disorders, craniofacial anomalies, physical disabilities, cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, heart/lung/kidney disease, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, and gastrointestinal disorders. Prior to becoming an OT, Sarah worked as a direct support personnel for six years with an adolescent who has a chromosomal disorder, intellectual delays, weak muscle tone, and fine motor difficulties.

Sarah uses play to engage children in therapeutic activities while targeting skills needed to increase independence with and participation in a variety of occupations. She enjoys involving caregivers in the process by explaining the significance of each intervention, educating on ways to support clients in the process and collaborating throughout.

Sarah was inspired to become an OT from a young age while watching the impact OT had on her brother’s life. She began shadowing with pediatric therapists in the 5th grade and involved herself in many opportunities to prepare for serving future clients. She worked with children who have a variety of disabilities by volunteering for Buddy Breaks while providing respite care and engaging children with a variety of diagnoses in various activities. In 2018, Sarah began working with Abound Health, a one-on-one Direct Support Personnel for an adolescent with a chromosomal disorder. She continued to work with this client for around six years by collaborating with caregivers and her supervisors to develop a consumer treatment plan and implement interventions with the client to work towards meeting his goals.

Recently Sarah has worked with children at a pediatric outpatient clinic. She treated kids with various diagnoses and collaborated with their families. She has worked with children who have various disabilities and illnesses with ADLs and adaptive engagement in activities. She was also a caretaker to a young boy with low-functioning autism. Sarah has observed OT services in various settings such as home health, early intervention, school, outpatient, and hospital settings.

Sarah was born and raised in Raleigh and is excited to work with children in the surrounding areas to meet their goals.

Sarah G. Occupation Therapist

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